Gun Shy

Registering is so fun! Walking around with that gun, pretend buying everything in sight.  Except, you’re exhausted just from walking from the car into the enormous warehouse of a baby store, and the woman showing you around the bib aisle smells like strong perfume and you want to throw up. And pee. Ugh. Just do it online.  They try and get you to do it in the store for your “free gift” which consists of advertisements for more garbage.  Don’t bother.  Do it in your stretchy pants with your ginger snaps and morning sickness tea at hand.

First up: Deciding where to register.  I went to a baby shower a couple of years back, where the mom was registered at Babies R Us.  And she got two high chairs.  And bath tubs. And jumperoos.  You get the idea. They don’t seem to update their registries fast enough, and that’s a pain in the arse.  They are good about returns without a receipt, and have a good rewards system, as well as a pre-paid card thing people can put money on for diapers and wipes if you’re into that sort of thing.  There are also many locations around the country to make it easy for people to shop.

I’ve also heard nothing but horror stories about Target’s registries (which pains me to say, because I LOVE Tar-gé).  They’re not great about returns, and also don’t update them fast enough so you end up with doubles.  I don’t know what they offer in the way of discounts for completing your registry.

I’m an Amazon Mom.  I get the diapers automatically delivered every month for the 20% discount. I spend all day reading people’s reviews on everything from video monitors to sunblock.  I love free two day shipping. I believe Amazon also lets you put items from other websites on your registry, so everything is all in one place.  The only downfall I see to registering with Amazon, is returns will have to be through the mail.  And I returned a LOT of things, just because I’d find something else I liked better, or if I received something similar that wasn’t off the registry etc. Another problem could be that for older, non-tech-savvy grandparents/aunts/etc. getting on the interweb might be a challenge.  Although many of them don’t buy off the registry anyway…

Buy Buy Baby was a winner for me. Their website left a lot to be desired, but they’ve since changed it and made it easier. They accept Bed Bath & Beyond coupons (Love those 20% that come in the mail every other week), and they have completion events where you get 20% off everything that’s left on your registry (nice for when you want a $700 stroller and a $300 breast pump). They don’t seem to have that many locations though, so again, that could be a challenge for people who don’t shop online or live near one.

Wherever you choose to register for your little peanut, make sure to check out their returns policy, as well as any incentives for registering.  Happy scanning! (or clicking, if you’re in your yoga pants sipping on ginger ale like I was!)


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